Little hands
15 min
France, 2017
Director Rémi Allier
Leo is the son of the director of an industrial plant. When employees find out that management is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, abducts Leoto negotiate...
11 min
Turkey, 2019
Director Abdullah Şahin
Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, Syrian refugee completes the gang. Ilyas wants to make the tryouts for a local football team and saves money to buy new cleats. Emir shares his ideal. After seeing his father pays the debts of Emir’s family at the grocery store, Ilyas gives his new cleats as a gift to Emir in order to join to the tryouts. However, his own cleats tear up just after. The shoemaker gives him a bigger cleats temporarily. The
What If Black Boys Were Butterflies?
4 min
USA, 2019
Director DaeQuan Collier
While other boys can enjoy a childhood of freedoms, for many reasons, Black boyhood is a brief, complicated existence. What If Black Boys Were Butterflies, is a non-linear experimental short film displaying what Black Boyhood is and what it ultimately could be.
New Bronx
15 min
Poland, 2017
Director Filip Ignatowicz
Natalia is a boyish and impulsive girl in her mid-teens living in a rough part of Gdansk, Poland. Her crush on a boy from her neighbourhood becomes an obsession and she is prepared to do anything to get close to him. But when she finally reaches her goal, everything suddenly changes.
Please and Thank You
8 min
USA, 2019
Director Jake Oleson
Nicole, a single mother raising her son in the Bronx, attempts to save their apartment before winter.
Minor key
12 min
Spain, 2019
Director Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.
11 min
USA, 2019
Director Tommy Petroskey
When Kyle’s abusive father takes him on his first hunting trip, the pair find themselves in an unexpected situation.
In brief
7 min
Italy, 2019
Director Carlo Perassi
In Brief starts from Post-history, by narrating scientific facts, like a documentary, regarding an enormous timespan in the Universe’s far future, whilst developing a silent drama around the heart of being human.
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Minor key

12 min Spain, 2019 Director Ivan Sainz-Pardo Moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.