Here Lies Beatrice
13 min
USA, 2019
Director Sam LaBella
Here Lies Beatrice is the story of a mother's assumed last day alive, in which she reacts to post-menopausal bleeding by preparing her own burial. This film stems from the idea that it is often most difficult to be vulnerable to those who are closest to you. From the notion that preserving the feelings of others can do harm for oneself.
14 min
China, 2019
Director Zeyu Wang
In the southwest China countryside, little boy Yirui lives in a small village with his grandma. After his grandma gets sick, a young delivery man starts to drive him to school everyday. In the midsummer nights, dream and reality start to fuse together.
4 min
Hungary, 2019
Director Sara Kende
An elderly man in his mid-70s finally arrives home from a somewhat tiring visit to the market. After some rattling with his keys, he enters through the screeching front door. He starts his daily routine in his small, humble apartment, beginning to make himself comfortable surrounded by the familiar, faint old objects around him.
The breath that lives within a home
25 min
USA, 2019
Director Theo Gray
The Breath That Lives Within A Home, is a story that follows a grandchild rediscovering his deceased grandfathers home through memories and journals of self-reflections. The film is an exploration of structures representing memories and associations to passed loved ones. T
23 min
Republic of Korea, 2019
Director Jeremiah Estela Magoncia
Every day, Euigon follows a simple routine: he wakes up before his alarm rings; listens to an English radio show while preparing for work; goes to work; eats lunch alone; goes to the gym after work; eats dinner; goes back home. He does the same thing the next day. Despite having a degree in photography, he works as a security guard in a big building.
The Art of Doodling
Australia, 2017
Director Nicola Macindoe
Is doodling an art form? Through three refreshing artistic viewpoints, short documentary "The Art of Doodling" attempts to answer how much of ourselves we can find in the scribbles we create.
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